What you should do to get the glow before marriage

What you should do to get the glow before marriage

Things you should do to get the glow before marriage 

As soon as your wedding date is fixed and the wedding is just 2-4 months away, the anxiety levels go up. The bride gets anxious about the skin and hair. She wonders, if the skin will stay great on the wedding day or not. For that many brides (well most of them) will go for hair treatments, facials etc. So, how can the Indian brides get the glow before their wedding is the concern which we will address in this post at Blushing Indian Bride today? Facial skin is extremely important hence you should take care of the skin both extrenly and internally. Even if you  are just taking the external care by using products, facials and all, but not taking the internal care then there is no use girls. Any ways brides-to-bes, we will tell you quick tips that you can follow to become the glowing bride on your wedding day.

1. Facials for the glow before wedding

You should go for facial once in a month, so start the bridal skin care regimen around 3 months in advance. Thus go for facial every month. Just few days before the wedding get the final facial done so that when there will be ritual like mehendi, sangeet and wedding itself, you will be glowing on those days as well and the glow before marriage will be definitely there.

What you should do to get the glow before marriage facial


Honestly the facial glow is really not long lasting. Mostly, it can last for 7 days, but what can you do to extend the glow, for that you should take care of the health as well.

Here are some tips that the brides-to-be must follow which are not related to skin care rituals but gives benefits for beautiful glowing skin for the bride.

2. Diet and Exercises for bridal glowing skin

During the day, drink 7-8 glasses of water so keep the skin and body hydrated. This step is the most crucial and inexpensive way to get the glow.

Eat at least 2 fruits daily at least 2 months before the wedding, so that the skin looks glowing and hair looks healthier and shinier.

Do exercises daily. They can be as easy like just jogging for 30 minutes or some form of aerobics for 20 minutes daily. This will facilitate the flushing out of the toxins. Exercising regularly, in fact has loads of heath benefits as well.

What you should do to get the glow before marriage exercises

If you can’t jog or exercise then the brides can also try this fun activity before 2 months prior to their wedding. Make a habit that you will dance to a song for 5-6 minutes daily. That can be any song and does not matter if you can dance or not. You have to dance even if you have 2 left foot. Just close the door of your room and do this dancing activity daily. You will see that this will give positive benefits on your skin after 2 months.These will surely grant glow before marriage but after marriage as well.

Skin care tips for Brides-to-be for glowing skin

Now coming back to the skin care tips. These tips should be done as mentioned to get the sparkling glow on your skin.

Daily cleanse the face twice in a day and apply a moisturiser for skin according to your skin type. If you have acne use an acne gel or cream at night.

While going out, use sunscreens to keep the skin free from damage and most importantly the sun tanning.

Apply face packs once in a week. If your skin is oily try multani, neem based packs whereas for dry skin try home made packs with milk cream, oatmeal, honey, banana etc which nourishes the skin.

So, brides-to-bes, these tips when followed will definitely give the glow on the face. When you take care of the skin from externally and the internally by eating right and proper exercises, there this no way that you  will not get the glow. You will be surely become a blushing Indian bride.

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