Skin Care Tips for Indian Brides-To-be Before Wedding

Skin Care Tips for Indian Brides-To-be Before Wedding

Skin Care Tips for Indian Brides-To-be Before Wedding

Now that your wedding date has been fixed and there is around 3-4 months left for you to become the bride of your dream, your skin, weight and hair starts to trouble you. We all have problems areas and some things that we wish could have been better. For eg: A bride should be glowing and the skin should be blemish free. But what if your skin is acne prone or have dryness which flakes like crazy. Don’t worry you can certainly take care of all that if you follow a good skin care regimen 3-4 months before your wedding. As that much time is sufficient to show some good results and the body also takes the things positively. So here are some ways that you beautiful brides can incorporate in your daily regimen to become the glowing Blushing Indian bride.

How to take care of the skin for Indian brides before wedding


You just can’t imagine how drinking 8 glasses of water can do miracles for the body. Let’s quickly know what water can do for you.

  • Drinking enough water will help the skin to glow from within
  • It flushes the toxics out of the body so that the skin problems are also reduced for eg. acne
  • Water hydrates the skin and also helps with acne prone skin.

Skin care regimen for Brides-to-be

Each one of us has a skin care regimen. Some of us like to use the face wash and a face cream while others can go for the complete cleansing, toning and moisturizing. But let us tell you that an ideal skin care regimen is not just about using the products but using the right products for your skin type.

Skin Care Tips for Indian Brides-To-be Before Wedding routine

So, here’s some tips for oily to combinations kin and dry to normal skinned brides.

Oily to combination skin: Use a facial cleanser which has ingredients like neem, salicylic acid, tea tree oil etc as they are good for acne prone skin. Use a light alcohol free toner and apply a light oil free moisturiser. Apply face pack 2 times in a week and scrub the face 2 times in a week to keep the skin pores clean.

Dry to normal skin: Use a creamy face wash that can nourish the skin. Then use a skin toner and a hydrating skin cream. Use facial scrubs once in a week and nourishing face packs with fruits 2 times in a week to further hydrate and get the glow.

Fruit Juices

Skin Care Tips for Indian Brides-To-be Before Wedding fruits

Fruits are loaded with many vital vitamins and nutrients that you can get great skin by just drinking a glass of fruit juice daily. You can also have a mixed fruit juice with pomegranate, oranges, grapes, etc. But make sure you drink the fresh juice and not the ones that are pre-made as they can have sugar sweetners. Too much sugar is not good for health.


This post is about skin care basically but you simply can’t achieve a great skin with just a good bridal skin care regimen. This is because what you apply on the outside has around 30 % effects but how your inner system works helps you get the best results. Hence do work outs. Even if you are slim and trim and need not to lose weight. Do some cardio, aerobics, joggings etc. This will increase the blood circulation and keeps your systems healthy. Else try Yoga which is the best way to stay healthy and glowing.

Try to be happy and relax

We can understand as a bride you might be anxious and nervous about a lot of things. There can be stress while shopping for the trousseau or other things. But try to be calm as possible since stress can play havoc on the skin and hair. If anxiety or stress crops up, try to breathe slowly and deeply. This will help a lot. Practice meditation for 10 minutes everyday or whenever you are tired and stressed out.

By following these tips, you will definitely become the blushing Indian beautiful bride which everyone will praise. 🙂

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