Make Up Tips for Girls with Glasses or Spectacles

By Ratna Balani


Make up tips for girls with glasses or spectacles: Are you a girl who wears glasses or spects? For every woman, confidence plays a crucial role. It is rattling indispensable to comfy in your own skin, body and wearing. When we talk about glasses, many girls hate the figure and its appearance along the typeface. Some also believe that it looks odd and decrease the overall beauty of the facial expression. Now the trends and thinking both are changed, frames are one of the crazy fashion up’s that are drawing everyone’s attention.

At the present time, there are a variety of eyeglasses available in the metros and small towns. The bright and vibrant colors like blue, pink, neon greens and lots of dark and light funky shades with different designs are heading over the mind of people. College, office going girls and school teenagers, all are loving this new funky fashion style. It amp ups the confidence and again looks extremely unique and attractive. But do you know that wearing glasses can make you look hotter and sensational than you have ever thought? Yes, my dear, it’s a true fact. You can execute the above statement by using the small tricks of makeup.

Make Up Tips for Glasses Wearer Girls or Spectacle Wearers

Today, I will guide to those lovely beauties who like to or has to wear glasses and desire to look super glam in it. 

Use a primer under your eyes: The first tip for all the women out there is to apply an eye primer under your eyes and upper eyelid area. It will cover the light spots and give a clean and long-lasting effect. This actually help the eye shadow to stay longer on the lids and less creasing due to the eye makeup.

Concealer: Concealer is very useful to hide dark circles and dark spots which otherwise decrease the beauty of a person. Use it under the eye area as well as on the remaining part of your face to conceal the pigments. To use a concealer, simple dot little dots under the eyes and over the eye lid area as well. Then you can blend them all using your ring finger. Choosing a concealer that is few shades lighter than your skin is great to cover or hide the dark circles etc.

Set up the base: If you have dark complexion then cover your skin flaws with foundation and compact powder.

Eye Makeup for glasses wearers

Eye makeup is the most important thing for girls who wear spectacles. Eye makeup defines the eyes and makes you look attractive even in your spectacles or glasses.

Eyebrows: Use a brown or light black eyebrow pencil and make a thick line with it. It will add more glamour to your eyes and girl in glasses gonna look more sexy! Defined eyebrows will always look beautiful on girls who wear glasses.

Eye shadow: Women having thick frames, it is advisable to use neutral eye shadows, apply it very little to get a neutral look. If you want to play with your eyes, then use a poppy shade like blue, green, gray to highlight the eyes. Bronzey, gold. Copper shades look wonderful on Indian eyes.

Gel eye liner: To get the dramatic eye look, use gel eyeliner and draw thick and winked line on your upper eyelid. Your eyes may look bigger and more gorgeous. Maybelline and L’Oreal gel eyeliner are the best choice among all. They are long lasting.

Smudge: If you want a smoky eye effect, then smudge you gel liner on the outer corners of the lower and upper eyelid area.

Mascara: Beauties with glasses should always use Volumizing mascara to add some volume in the eyelashes. It will make your eyes look big and very pretty. Always use 2-3 swipes or coats of mascara. Curl your lashes for beautiful and thicker looking eyelashes. Eyelashes will make your eye op.

Pop up your lips:  You should not avoid this tip for the days you put your spectacles on the face.

Apply poppy colors like pink, violet, red, brown; these colors draw more attention of a person to your lips and enhance the overall look. Do not use poppy lipstick shades if you are highlighting your eyes with bright colors, go for nude shades in that case. Remember, one should always highlight a single feature of the face either eyes or lips.

Contouring: It is one of the latest makeup styles that is super easy and very much transforming. It is nothing but basically outlining or shaping a specific skin area. Use a dark shade of contour and using a big brush, smudge it onto your upper eyebrow area, forehead boundaries and around the cheekbones.

So girls, now start using these makeup tricks and feel the change in your look. For any questions and queries, please comment below.