Korean Beauty Secrets and Tips for beautiful skin

Korean Beauty Secrets and Tips for beautiful skin

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Korean beauty regimen and make up is different from others. It has its own unique special type of beauty techniques and ways to beautify skin. It emphasis mainly on skin clearing and whitening. Koreans are known for their gorgeous skin. In fact, Korea is also known as the beauty Capital of the world where most of the skin care techniques, products etc are formulated.

Korean Beauty Secrets and beauty tips for great skin

Oil Cleansing

Oil cleansing is a process which involves cleansing the skin using the oils. It nourishes the skin while cleansing while other cleansing techniques involve dryness while cleansing skin. Cleanser actually remove deep rooted dirt on skin thus it is astringent and hard in nature but oil cleansers contain astringent with oil base and is not too hard on skin. After using oil cleanser an oily based is formed on skin.

Form or gel cleanser

Yes, cleansing for the second time. It is a Korean secret to cleanse for 2 times. When you have already oil base now you can use hard gel based cleansers to clear dirty and impure skin. Foam and gel cleansers clean skin deeply and provide you with deep cleansing. This is one of the best Korean beauty secret. Read: Multitasking Korean Beauty trends


It is optional and should be used, if your skin is oily and acne prone. Also do not do this daily if you follow this regime daily. Scrubbing removes dead skin and renews the skin giving it a radiant and fresh look.


This moist the skin and prepares skin to absorb creams. This also resets skin after deep and double cleansing. Toner also maintains the pH balance the skin.

Massage/ Essence

Facial massage is the next step. Use creams that suit your skin and massage them in a circular motion boosting the blood circulation. The blood circulation helps to nourish the skin and gives natural glow. Always use pressure up to down while circular motion. Essence contain elements which protect skin cells and helps skins to revitalize skin. Also it combat wrinkles and brightens skin.


Koreans will never leave the house without applying the sunscreen as this helps to prevents the skin darkening and sun tanning. they love their white skin and would always wish to keep their skin flawless fair.


This is also used to massage skin gently. It is thick in consistency and helps to treat targeted area where there is some problem. It can be applied softly in layers. This is very hyperactive in nature. Little quantity is used generally. This can be considered as skin conditioner.

Eye cream

Eyes are always considered soft and sensitive organ. So special care is taken to treat it. Under eye skin is often dry and needs to be hydrated. Eye cream protects skin texture and tone of eyes while hydrating it. It is a must to keep eyes nourished to make them beautiful flawlessly.

Sheet masks

These are also called as sleeping mask. These applies to hydrate skin and retain all nourishing elements applied in the skin. This mask restores firmness and close all opened pores. This is the final step of Korean beauty regimen.

Other Korean Beauty secrets and Tips

  • You can use lip creams to intensely hydrate the lips. Lips need extra hydration and care because they tend to dry easily.
  • Korean‘s believe in proper skin diet. Food like green vegetables, citrus fruits and dairy products are suggested to eat for healthy and beautiful skin.
  • Water is considered as fashion element. The more water you drink the more you glow.
  • Apply all products gently and use tapping motions so that all the creams are well absorbed. Upward circulation is advised.
  • When it comes to make up the Koreans emphasis mainly on eyes and lips. They tend to decorate there eyes and color there lips in trendy way.

This was all about Korean beauty secrets and skin care regimen. Hope you get beautified with this Korean beauty regime next time.

Article by Khyati Mahajan