How to Do Bridal Makeup on Your Own at home

By Ratna Balani

Doing Bridal makeup on your own: Wedding is the most important play of every woman’s life. She aspires and desire about various factors for her Big-day. Bridal makeup is that part which fixes the overall flaws of the skin and it has to be perfect for your dream night. Highly expensive salons offer a variety of beauty treatments, bridal makeup’s and post and pre-bridal packages. They give you lots of attractive packages for the grooming, but they are heavy on the pocket and mostly doesn’t fulfill your expectations.

How to Do Bridal Makeup on Your Own at home

To avoid this, you shall take the initiative and try doing treatments and makeup at home. Now you can also do bridal makeup easily at home, yes! Just follow my guide and see the results.

Tips to do Bridal Makeup for face on your own

Know your skin color:

Before starting with makeup, it is vital to know your skin tone, i.e. the actual shade of your skin and buy each makeup essential in accordance with your skin type. Generally, there are four types of skin shades which are available in the selection of makeup base, these are: white or fair, medium or wheatish, lightly dark skin tone and dark skin tone. Proper base makeup application is one of the most important part of Indian bridal makeup.


Moisturization is the first step to be done before beginning any bridal makeup. It is important to give required moisture to the skin. We prefer Olay natural white cream and Nivea moisturizing cream. The former one may cost you a little high, but gives natural glow as well as shine and the latter one is very economical and perform its nourishment action properly.  


To start with the base, buy a stick concealer by Maybelline or any other top makeup brands. Now, slowly apply this under your eyes, around the lower and upper lip, on the cheek bone and other areas where you find spots and blemishes. Do not over do it, use it minimally when you do your own bridal makeup.


After using concealer, take a small amount of liquid or matte foundation and apply it onto your face. Use a makeup blender sponge and blend, blend. I like to use Lakme mousse foundation, it is very light and gives you a flawless matte finish in minutes.

Compact powder:

This step plays a significant role in the whole makeup procedure. I suggest you Maybelline New York white and all day fresh compact powder. It is super cheap and gives a light tint of glow easily.

Tips to do Bridal Eye makeup


How to Do Bridal Makeup on Your Own at home 4

Eyebrows: Use a brown color eyebrow pencil by Maybelline or L’Oreal and draw a thick line on your brows.

Eye makeup: Start with eye shadows, to highlight the eyes; use light shades of pink, beige, grays and apply it in the corner area of your upper eyelid. For the outer corner area, use shimmery gold’s browns, purples, mauves and violet shadows. Apply it using a tiny small eyeshadow brush and remove the excess color that may fall around the eye area by cotton ball or brush. Maybelline nud-e kit is a perfect combination of nud-s and glitters. Now apply a winged shape gel eye liner over the upper eyelid. Fill the lower lid with the black gel eye liner like that of a Kajal. In the end, apply a mascara and curl your eyelashes using a curler.


After fully covering the face and eyes, the next step comes with Bronzing. For fair skin tones, use dark shades of pinks, and browns to contour the forehead, eyebrow and underneath of the cheek bone area. Medium shades of Bronze shall be applied on dark skin. Brands like M.A.C, NYX, Maybelline have the best collection of it.

Highlight and blush:

The last step of a bridal makeup includes highlighting the nose area, upper cheek area, above the brows and upper and lower lips with a highlighter. Blush your cheeks very little with light shades of peach and pinks. Try Maybelline, MAKEUP REVOLUTION, Bobby brown.


How to Do Bridal Makeup on Your Own at home 2

The last but not the least part of the whole bridal makeup. Apply a dark shade of red and maroons, browns, mauve according to the lehenga color and your eye makeup. For dark skin tone woman, try light pinks, peach, purple and medium shades of nude.