How to choose Make up Products for Brides with Oily Skin

How to choose Make up Products for Brides with Oily Skin

How to choose make up products for brides with oily skin

We can understand that you would want to be the stunning bride on your wedding. Well this is what goes in every bride’s mind but not every one of us is born with that perfect skin. Brides-to-be with oily skin may have questions about which products they should use for their oily skin. A lot of women with oily skin face problems with shiny skin and products that will just not suit their oily combination skin. But worry not!! In this post, we have expert tips to share with you on which are the best makeup products for oily skinned bride. And that is not only for your D day but for the regular makeup that you will doing yourself after the wedding.

1. Priming

The first are foremost step in makeup would be to prime the face. Facial primers are not just for enhancing the stay time of the foundations but to also control the oils. For oily skin, one can use primers that has silicones in them like the NYX studio photo loving primer for oily skin.

Revlon PhotoReady Perfecting Primer

2. Foundation for oily skin

Foundations act as a base which makes the skin look perfect. They will cover and hide the imperfections. Foundations should be oil free when you already have oily skin. Maybelline fit me foundation for normal to oily skin or even the Revlon color stay foundation for oily to combination are good for brides with oily skin. Another feature one should look for is the SPF in foundations. SPF is due to an ingredient called titanium dioxide which protects the skin from UV rays. This is good but when the photos with flash are taken then this SPF content which is over 15 will give an ashy white cast. You don’t want that. Right? So, make sure you use a foundation that has SPF 15 or no SPF at all. Coverage of the foundation is also to be looked at. Use a medium to sheer coverage foundation if your skin is in good state else get help by choosing a high coverage foundation.

foundations for oily skinned brides

3. Concealers

Similarly the concealers should be oil free and not too thick. They should be medium in consistency and should be able to blend well. Liquid concealers are better for oily skin. There are concealers in the Maybelline fit me Range, L’Oreal Paris True Match Concealer to name a few.

4. Compacts for oily skinned brides

Compacts can be one of the most used products for oily skinned brides as they can instantly give a matte finish on the skin. Compacts will make the skin shine free and polished. Just dab the compact all over the face after the foundation so that the skin stay matte. Compacts with oil absorbing properties like as claimed by L’Oreal Paris Mat Magigue compact, Maybelline fit me Pressed powders etc are suitable. Dabbing motion will not spoil the contouring etc that you have done.

5. Loose powders

Loose powders are also excellent for oily skinned brides and women in general. When the skin is oily, just a dab some loose powder that will transform the shiny skin into matte.

6. Eye shadow and Eye Makeup


When the skin is oily then the eye makeup should also be taken care of. Extra precaution should be taken with oily skinned bride like the eye primers should be used that will make the eye shadow last all night till the wedding rituals end, moreover this will also prevent any creasing of the eye shadow. Cream eye shadows will last longer and intensity also stays the same. For extra intensity loose powdered eye shadow can be donned over the cream eye shadows. For eg: if a creamy gold eye shadow have been used on the lids then a powder gold eye shadow can be buffed over that so that the color stays in full intensity till the rituals lasts.

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