How to be Glowing Bride on Wedding Day

How to become glowing bride on wedding day

tips to be glowing bride on wedding

Wedding day is considered as fairy tale day by the bride and her family in India. She wants every thing to be so perfect. She tries hard to look her best on her perfect day. Am I right? I feel I am right. The bride wants to leave a mark or want to be remembered for a long for the way she looked on that beautiful day. In this article I will provide you ways how you can glow on your wedding day. That beautiful bridal glow will make you a stunning bride that the groom will get spell bound when he will see such a glowing bride. See: Home remedies for Bridal Glowing Skin

Tips to be glowing bride on wedding

Eat well for that beautiful bridal glow

Yes, eat well do not worry about becoming fat. Because the schedule before marriage is very hectic even though every thing is planned, there is always a last moment change or hurry. Have right diet. Eat lot of pulses and vegetables. You need not worry how to burn them because you will be so busy the last 3 months of your marriage that every thing you eat will burn. A healthy body always means a healthy and glowing skin. Involve lot of leafy vegetables, vitamin C, E rich food, fruits and dry fruits in your diet regime. See: Quick Beauty Tips for Indian Bridal Glow

Drink water and be glowing bride

Did you now drinking regular water can emit a natural glow on your skin? It is proved that drinking plenty of water removes toxins and beautify your skin. Water is a boon for skin. Water is considered as a beautifying element. Remember to drink more than 8 glass of water daily. It would keep your skin hydrated naturally and provide a natural shine. Spraying cold water also works. You can spray water on your face so that the skin indirectly drinks water. This can be done when you are tired of drinking water or if you don’t feel like drinking water. Also see: Beauty Tips for South Indian Brides

Sleep for the glow

Sleep well. A complete sleep means a stress free skin and peaceful aura around you. When your sleep is incomplete you feel irritated, stressed and frustrated which promotes dark circles, visible fine lines caused due to stress and pale complexion. Incomplete sleep is always annoying physically and mentally. Therefore sleep well and keep your mind and body calm. This is how skin can glow with enough sleep.

Beauty regimen to become glowing bride

Beauty treatments are must before marriage. You can follow few steps to beautify your body and be glowing bride.

  • Get you body waxed. This would removed tan and emit glow.
  • Body bleaching and polishing helps to enhance complexion.
  • Body and hair spa can be done for glowing skin.
  • Facials, pedicure and manicure enhance texture and skin color.

Many pre-bridal packages are available in parlours and spas which can beautify you. It is suggested to have one of those and you can customize your package as per the need.

Natural ways to beautify

Many years ago there were no palours and brides beautified themselves with natural procedures at home. They beautified themselves with some massages and ubtans. Ubtans are the best way to get the beautiful bridal glow. To prepare a ubtan, you can try this quick recipe to transform yourself into a glowing bride on the wedding day.


  • Take 2 teaspoonful of besan and put 1/4 teaspoonful of turmeric powder in it.
  • Mix this with some milk and make a paste. Then apply on the face.
  • Leave it to get dry and then wash the face with normal water. Pat dry. 

Massaging for glow and radiance

There are lot of massage parlours available in market which give you desi massages at your home. This massage increase body circulation in body and skin glows naturally. This also strengthens body. You can use olive oil, coconut oil, pure desi ghee, almond oil or sesame oil for massage. Choose oil according to climate and your body type. Almond oil is the best oil to get the beautiful glow and shine on the body.

Post by: Khyati Mahajan