How to Apply Lipstick Perfectly: Step by Step Guide

By Ratna Balani



How to Apply Lipstick Perfectly: Makeup is an art, it can be done by a good artisan. It involves plenty of efforts, taste, as well as expertise. Today with the fast changing generation and the lifestyle, people are becoming more conscious about their looks and personality. Today I have some very beneficial tips for you all. Lipstick is one of the crazy trends that all women follow. There are a variety of brands that offer multiple shades of lipsticks. I understand a few of you still not wear lipstick and want to know those easy tips that may help you to apply any dark or neutral shade of lipsticks quickly. If I am correct, then this article is just for you! I will also share the steps to apply lipstick on the dark lips. Like we Indian have dark slips at times hence there are certain tips that will work on lipstick application on dark lips. So, keep reading friends.

How to apply lipstick perfectly without any flaws?

Before using the lipstick you should take care of the fact that smooth lips act like a plain canvas for your lipcolor. Hence, smooth lips are in and you should always apply lipstick on soft and smooth lips for a perfect desirable finish. If your lips are dry flaky or crummy them you will notice that this won’t serve the purpose well. Even a high end lipstick will look bad on dry lips. So, lip exfoliation or lip scrubbing is  a must have for beautiful looking lips.

Lip Exfoliation

Our lips also need regular care to stay soft and pinky everyday. Exfoliating is the first and most important step before applying any lipstick. You can use this tip on any other day when you are not deciding to apply lipstick.

Brown sugar and honey: Take a half spoon of brown sugar and Mix it with 2 spoon of honey for 2-3 seconds. Now apply this mixture onto your lips and massage it nicely. Be gentle and do not rub it hardly as our lip skin is quite delicate. Continue it for 5 minutes and after that, use a small toothbrush and slowly clean your lips in horizontal motion.  In the end, wash it off with normal water.


Now that your lips are softer and smoother. They are free from dead skin, flakiness or any other skin peeling. Nourishment is essential for smooth and supple lips. After exfoliation, give some moisture to your lips by using a lip balm. Apply the lip balm onto your lips and massage it gently for 2 minutes. At the end, remove it using a cotton ball or a tissue.

Lipstick application

Now we will begin with the actual trick of lipstick application perfectly ad step by step. The steps are as follows:

If you have to apply lipstick on dark pigmented lips, then apply some tiny dots of concealer or even a sheer foundation onto the upper and lower area of the lips. By using the index finger, slowly blend it on your lips. This hides all the dark pigments and tan around your lip area.


Lip shaping: If you have thin lips then firstly outlines your lipsticks using a lip liner. It will add sharpness and gives a plump lip effect. Make sure that you use a lip liner shade that is slightly darker to the lipstick color. This will increase the lip size. For thicker lips, try to draw lip line a little inwards to your actual lip shape.

Application: Now pick a lipstick brush and apply the lipstick onto the middle area and taking the brush towards the outer corners of the upper and bottom line. Fill in the remaining lip area with your favorite lipstick.

how to apply lipstick perfectly step by step

Now apply some base powder on to your lips using the finger, put a single clean tissue on your the lips. Now slowly remove it off! It will make your lipstick last for the whole day or night.

If you want that extra plumpness onto your lips then use a highlighter on the mid corners of your upper lip and blend it using your finger. This is an easy yet long lasting technique to apply lipstick properly on your lips.