5 Homemade Refreshing Face Packs for Dull skin, Dry, Dark skin tone

By Ratna Balani

homemade dull skin face packs and masks

Refreshing face packs and face masks for dull skin: Our face is the most recognizable part of the body. The expression, color, radiance, appearance plays a crucial role in the stunner of a soul. In summers, our skin looks dull and oily  all, the day which causes acne, spots, blemishes and infections. In order to get beautiful and younger looking skin, we need to give proper time to the skin care routine and have to pull in additional efforts to sustain its appearance. Excess pollution and dust causes dullness to the face and open the skin pores which further increase the troubles in form of acne and its scars. To avoid all these conditions, follow my today’s guide on how to get rid of dull skin with some facial masks. These homemade dull skin face packs will help you attain a great glowing skin faster and to brighten the dull skin.

Homemade face packs and Face masks for dull skin

1. Mango and saffron face pack:

This sweet and tangy fruit injects life to the dead and dull looking skin. The best fruit which is easily available in the summer can give your skin natural glow and remove all the dead cells. Saffron is the skin brightening agent that improves the complexion quickly and gives a fresh looking face. So, no more dull skin. Mango packs are used for acne, pimples etc.

homemade dull skin face packs and masks mango

How to use it? Ripe 1 mango and cut it into pieces. Now blend it in a blender, pour the mango juice in a small bowl. And add 3-4 saffron leaves in it. Let it set for 30 minutes in the refrigerator. Now use a cotton bowl and apply it onto the your face. Wash it after 25 minutes with cold water. Kesar face packs are excellent to induce glow and fairness.

2. Avocado and milk face mask:

This special fruit has special benefits to the skin. It increases the skin firmness and suppleness naturally after a few applications. Milk at the same time consist essential fatty acids that bring the lost shine to the skin instantly. This is great DIY face mask for dull skin in summers.

How to use it? Ripe the avocado and peel its pulp. Now take it out in a separate bowl and add 3 spoons of milk in it. In the end, make a thick paste of avocado and milk in a blender. Now apply this face mask onto the face by using your fingers or a small cotton bowl. Keep it for 30 minutes and rinse off with cold water.

3. Cucumber juice and honey face mask:

Cucumber is a vegetable that consist more than 70% of water. It hydrates your skin and removes that dullness, tanning and darkness caused by the pollution and stress. Honey is rich in potential skin healing anti-oxidants which helps to induce skin brightness and its natural shine. This is one of the best face mask for dry and dull skin type. Cucumber is a skin toner too which tones the tired skin.

Procedure: Slice the ripped cucumber in 2 pieces and then cut it in small portions. Use a blender and blend it all. Now pour its juice in a separate bowl and add 2 full spoons of honey in it. Mix them well using a spoon. Now apply this face mask to your skin and remove it after 20 minutes using fresh water.

4 Strawberries and rose water pack:

Strawberry is rich in anti-oxidants that remove dullness and skin tan easily. Strawberries also have ellagic acid that takes care of the skin fairness. Rose water helps to hydrate your dull face and gives nourishment and a pinky glow to the peel. This is also an excellent facial mask for dull skin that gets dry and darker due to sun damage.

homemade dull skin face packs and masks strawberry

Process: Mash 5 strawberries and fresh rose petals in a blender. Take it out in a small bowl and then generously apply it onto the face. Massage it for 5 minutes and let it sit for next 20 minutes. In the end, rinse off with water thoroughly.

Almond oil and green tea face pack:

Green tea is a natural skin healer. It is rich in anti-oxidants and anti-bacterial properties. Almond oil is equally effective in getting rid of dry and dull skin. It increases the skin glow and its softness. You can feel the change after twice usage of this mask See the positive changes in the rejuvenation of your dull skin and dry skin.

Procedure: Take one green tea bag and put it in the boiled water. Now put this green tea water in a bowl and 2 spoons of almond oil in it. Mix it well and damp a cotton ball with this mask. Massage it on the face and neck for 15 minutes and rinse of with cold water..

Benefits of Dull skin face packs and masks

When your skin is dull and dry then obviously the first thing to do is to make the skin fully nourished so that the face looks vibrant and glowing.

The dull skin is caused when the skin is too much oily or too dry. The dull dry skin looks bad hence when you use dull skin facial masks then the skin gets deep nourishment.

The layers of the skin are fully healed and dryness is treated well.

The fruits used in the above recipes will help you overcome the dryness and dullness. Eventually after continuously usage the skin will become glowing.

Furthermore the damage is also healed. The skin’s layer gets smoother and shinier with health. The sun tan will be reduced and the roughness will also be taken care of.