Glowing Skin Diet and Tips for healthy Skin

Written by Khyati Mahajan

Glowing Skin Diet and Tips for healthy Skin: Glowing skin is desired by every woman. Am I right ladies? Glowing skin has so much to do with what you eat. The good and healthy you eat reflexes on your skin. Your skin looks what you eat. Now you know and may have become conscious about it already. Go for an experiment one fine day and check what people eat. Observe what they eat and how they look. There is a glowing skin diet and any people follows. You can see people having oily skin are indulged in the oily and spicy food. Eating oily and spicy is not wrong. But eat moderately do not consume it as a daily routine.

Glowing Skin Diet and Tips for healthy Skin

Tips for Naturally Glowing Skin Diet

H2O (water)

Water is every essential and crucial part of natural glowing skin beauty diet. It is very essential to drink at least 8 glasses of water. We are reading or hearing this right from our childhood but have we ever implemented it? I suppose most of us will say I tried or maybe. This is a wrong attitude. To gain glowing skin trough diet firstly change your water habits.

Drinking more water is healthy and gives your skin ultra glowing skin by removing all the impurities and toxins. Water is a boon. It is the cheapest and easiest way to clean skin. Hope you make best use of it.

Avoid spices

Most of the times this issue comes at last and it is always discussed as to what should be eaten and when it comes to what we should not eat they just go in one line or just so fast that the concept is not clear most of the time. To look beautiful you have to avoid spices. Spices enhance flavor to the food no doubt in it. But spice contains so much sodium which can disturb the fluids of the body.

I do not suggest to completely avoiding spices but I say to decrease the intake of spices in life so that you stay healthy and beautiful.

Eat more vegetables and fruits

Glowing Skin Diet and Tips for healthy Skin 2

Eat steamed and lightly cooked vegetables. Lightly cooked vegetables are very healthy for you. Do not make the seasoning too strong that can cause bad effect on health and influence on beauty. Fruits are very good for skin. They hydrate the body and contain natural sweet. So when ever you feel like having something sweet munch some fruit. 4-5 servings of fruit are more than enough.

Avoid too much sugar

Sugar contains enzymes that can slowly bloat your body and may be reduce skin shine. So be calculative while consuming sugar. In fact sugar from fruits and vegetables are most than sufficient for your body but if you wish to add more sugar to your food you can use jaggery, honey or brown sugar. Also avoid artificial sweeteners. Those are actually very harmful to body. Eat natural and not chemical based to avoid bad health consequence which directly effect on the skin. Hence, always make sure to exclude too much sugars from your glowing skin diet.

Eat fiber rich food

Eat food high in fiber like goods made of wheat like oats, bran, daliya etc.  This will always keep your tummy full and cells active which helps in glowing skin. Always remember never starve it cause dull and pale skin. It is highly advisable t include fibers and roughage in glowing skin diet.

Other glowing skin diet tips

  • Eat organic. Organic is healthy and adds to beauty.
  • Eat berries they enhance glow.
  • Munch nuts and seeds instead of biscuits and mixtures which ruin your skin.
  • Drink warm water.
  • For beverages go for milkshakes, smoothies, buttermilk, soups and herbal tea. Refrain from having tea coffee, cold drinks and artificial shakes.
  • Consume dairy products.
  • Plant based food is good for your skin. Avoid animal base food it add oil to body and seeing it the other way your body is temple so worship it. You eat for living and not live for eating.

Hope these tips helped you. Add or comment few tips which you think worked for you.