Get Fair Skin with Homemade Beauty Tips

By: Khyati Mahajan

Homemade beauty tips to get fair skin: Do darker skin tone makes you feel uncomfortable at time? Are you affected by tanning? Do you desire of whiter skin tone? Everyone wants to look gorgeous. Glowing and fair skin is always appealing. But why does this make you spend on expensive whitening products, fairness skin creams or harmful skin treatments? Go natural! Say no to chemicals. Be gentle to your skin, after all it protects you. What makes the difference in skin tone? The skin tone of an individual depends upon a pigmentation called melanin. The abundance of this pigment leads to darker skin tone. To achieve a fair skin you need to first make sure that you cut down the sun exposure or use sunscreen so that the skin does not get darker anymore.

get fair skin with homemade beauty tips

Homemade whitening remedies for fair skin

You would be amazed to know how easy it is to get flawless fair skin using the natural ingredients. You might have all the ingredients in your home to take care of your skin which you did not know until now that they could get you a fair complexion. So, let’s have a look at the best tips to get fair skin faster within a month.


Lemon is rich source of vitamin c and acts as a natural facial skin bleaching agent. All you need to do is to choose a juicy lemon and cut it. You can extract the juice and apply it all over your face using cotton or just rub the lemon directly.  Wait for it to dry and then rinse your face. Lemon dries up our skin so better apply a mild moisturizer or honey. Honey will decrease the acidity of the lemon juice hence will be suitable for the sensitive skinned people as well. Try this daily in the evening to get fairer complexion soon.


get fair skin with homemade beauty tips

Turmeric has several medicinal properties as this has been used for skin and body healing since ancient times. It has miraculous results on health as well as skin. Apply a pinch of pure turmeric and a spoon of little bit of curd evenly on your face and neck. Once it dries, rinse with warm water and pat dry. Doing it regularly can lighten your skin tone.


Papaya has skin lightening enzyme like papain. This papaya facial remedy will surely works to make your complexion fairer and brighter. Actually the high content of AHAs and enzymes will boost the skin renewal rate and reduction in the skin’s melanin levels. Take a thin slice or a piece of papaya. Mash this well in a small bowl. Add little bit of honey. Mix it well with papaya pulp. Apply it directly. You can also add some raw milk to the paste and then apply it if your skin is sensitive.


Yes potatoes! Potatoes fries might be unhealthy for our skin but not raw potato juice. Potato possess natural lightening agent. Peel and blend a potato or you may even grate them. Collect the juice and apply it using cotton balls. After 20-25 minutes wash your face with warm water. Do it at night and leave it for entire night for good results in giving you a fair skin.

Oatmeal scrub

get fair skin with homemade beauty tips 6

You can make a natural scrub that exfoliate and cleans your skin. Oatmeal helps in growth of new cells and enhances your complexion. Grind oatmeal and add a few granules of sugar to it. To this mixture add lemon juice or tomato juice. Scrub your face with this paste and leave it. After 5-10 minutes wash your face.

More Remedies to get Fair Skin

You can try a facial with food items at home for fair complexion. Gel, scrub, massage and mask all homemade. Try out natural facial and feel the difference in your skin. Here is the secret homemade facial for you.

First rub ice on your face. Cucumber pieces can be placed over your eyes which would really relax you.

Gel– Tomato and cucumber juice works as a gel. Massage for 4-5 minutes with the juice and wipe with cotton.

Scrub– Soak all the dry fruits you have overnight and grind them along with yogurt. Rub this mixture nicely. This would surely clear your skin. Wipe your skin clean now.

Massage– Mixture of carrot juice and mashed papaya would do. Massage well with this paste.

Mask– Egg white is filled with proteins and vitamins. Evenly apply egg white and then rinse your face once it dries. Honey can be used as a substitute.

Additional tips for fair skin

Massage your face with raw milk every morning. This deep cleanses the skin.

Nutritious diet is very important.

Do not use excessive chemical based products.

Exercise and yoga keeps your skin clean.

Drink lots of water to keep hydrated.

God has created everyone unique. Everyone is beautiful! Maintain yourselves. Do not be harsh on yourself with expensive treatments and whitening chemicals. Try the natural homemade products to enhance yourself. Do not forget to be happy and keep smiling. This makes you much prettier.