Effective Tips for Indian Brides with Oily Skin

Tips for Indian Brides with Oily Skin

tips for indian brides with oily skin

Hello beautiful would-be-brides and girls who are experiencing oily skin problems. Are you so worried that your skin type may ruin your special beautiful phase of new marriage or outing with your dear one? You can follow tips and tricks in this article to sought out this problem.

Skin care Tips for Indian Brides with Oily Skin

Hope you know the regime for the oily skin. If no, no problem it’s never late start it now.

  • Always use warm water. This clears the dirty and oily texture of face. You know oil is stubborn so wash your face twice a day with warm water. It does not mean you use hot water as it can ruin deep layers.
  • Scrub your face twice a week. Scrubbing helps to exfoliate the skin, open clogged pores and smoothen the skin.
  • Cleansing gels can be used thrice a week. Anti-bacterial gel also works well on oil skin as they prevent acne and bacterial infection caused by it.
  • Moisturiser should be applied soon after a face wash.
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Make-up tips for oily skinned India Brides

makeup tips for indian brides with oily skin

  • Clear your face, meaning wash your face with luke warm water. Pat it dry and moisturize well.
  • Now take a cube of ice and rub it all around the face. This tightens the skins and closes the pores.
  • Now apply primer and let it dry. This makes a strong base and let the make up last long even if you have oily stubborn skin.
  • Apply foundation. Do not use satin finish or glossy foundation, opt for a matte foundation. If you can apply use powder foundation.
  • Now it’s the turn for compact. Brush lot of compact powder evenly. And let it set.
  • Ones the base is set you can color your lips, eyes and cheeks.
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Make up means not only application but the removal process of makeup is also considered crucial.

  • Never sleep with make up on.
  • Use make up removing creams.
  • Use toners. Apply toner on a cotton ball and rub it in circular motion.
  • Spray some astringent and wipe the residual if any.
  • Apply cleansing milk and wipe it.
  • Now you can wash your face with warm water.

Some beauty tips

  • You can apply face packs before getting ready as it strengthens the skin base.
  • Use toners and astringents when you feel oilier. Regular usage of astringents in out doors always helps.
  • Keep your hair clean because dirty hair can worsen oily face.
  • When trying for minimal makeup, always apply compact powder. And may be you can carry it along.
  • Never over wash your face.

Some home remedies for brides with oily skin problem

Orange peel powder:

Dry orange peel in shade for few hours till the peel dries hard. Then powder it using a blender. You can add chilled rose water or water to make it a paste. Apply every day for radiant results.

Lemon and sugar:

Squeeze a lemon and add ¼ spoon of sugar add some water very little may be a spoon or two. Now rub it softly on your face. You can let it be for 10 minutes after 5-10 minutes rubbing. It is a natural scrub. It opens clogged skin pores and smoothen skin.

Butter milk and rice:

It is acidic in nature and clears all dirt and excessive oil. Rice powder opens the clogged pores. Mix it and make it into paste form the consistency can be thin. Use it as scrub and let it be for 5-10 minutes. Then wash face with warm water. You can do this 3 times a week.

Neem pack:

Neem pack is antibacterial in natural. Blend few leaves with water and apply it on face you can add a pinch of nutmeg for better results.

Multani mitti(Fuller’s earth):

It naturally dries the skin. Rose water can be added in it to make a paste. Apply for 10-12 minutes and wash it off. Apply moisturizers after washing face with warm water.

Being confident always helps. Use the following steps and sought out your oily skin problems. Be confident when you are ready and set to go out. Being confident and positive changes the game even if you go wrong at times. Hope this helped you. You can discuss more tips if you have for our Indian brides with oily skin.