Bridal Tips from Shahnaz Hussain for summers

Bridal Tips from Shahnaz Hussain for summers

Bridal Tips from Shahnaz Hussain for summers

Wedding days is extremely important for the girls as that is the day when they are the centre of attraction. But when your wedding is in summers then there can be extra care that a bride should take since the heavy jewellery, wedding dress, makeup can be hard to handle. The makeup can get patchy and flawed easily. Beauty and skin care expert Shahnaz Hussain shares her expert advice and tricks for the bridal make up for the brides who are getting married in summers.

Bridal Tips from Shahnaz Hussain for summers

Makeup is the most important thing for bride as makeup helps to accentuate the bride’s best features and also hides the flaws. “In summers, makeup should be light” says Shahnaz Hussain. Light makeup will not get melt easily as compared with heavy makeup. Using water based products are better and applying setting powder once the makeup is done ensures that the makeup lasts longer.

If the wedding is in the day time then a light makeup base should be chosen as in daylight the mismatched foundation is visible easier while I the night time some flaws are not visible easily.

Before applying the makeup, toning the skin using a skin toner helps to shrink the pores. Using primers will help the makeup to stay lot longer without melting or getting patchy. Start by rubbing an ice cube over the face in summer for bridal makeup. This will tighten the skin and keeps the makeup to last long.

Lipstick Trick

To make your lipstick last longer, apply a lip liner first, then fill the entire lip area with the lip liner. Then apply the lipstick. Take a tissue paper and dab it over the lips. Then again apply the lipstick. This is the best makeup trick to keep the lipstick in place and make that last longer.

During the summers when the skin is already oily then sticking with powder and water based products is better. Try using powder blushers instead of cream blushes which will make the skin oilier after few hours.

Always use gel or waterproof eyeliner which will make the liner stick to the eyelashes longer. Mascaras are also available in water proof formula hence, try waterproof mascara.

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