Best Homemade Bridal Spa Treatment for Brides in India and Family

By Ratna Balani

Best Homemade Spa Treatment for Brides

Best Homemade Spa Treatment for Brides: Are you soon to be a bride? Then you must be worried about the hair style and hair care as well. Your hair plays a significant function of the overall personality of a human and his style. The sense of styling and fashion following is defined by his hair. Same like men, women are too very conscious about her hair to be tidy and beautiful. A bride desire to achieve smooth and lustrous locks within a time of one month of her marriage. To show those long, thick and smooth strands she likes to get many hair treatments to be performed by salons. Their package includes bridal hair spa’s hair smoothening, deep conditioning and many more. Now with the help of this article, a bride can easily do bridal hair spa treatment at home with a proper guide and great results. So, keep reading.

At Bridal hair spa for beautiful hair

Combing and Detangling the hair

To get rid of the knots, tangles from the hair is crucial s this will relax the scalp and also increases the blood circulation. You can also use wide toothed comb to detangle the hair and your hair will be tangle else. This step makes the bridal hair for the next step which is the oil massaging in bridal hair spa.

Deep hair oiling or Hot Oil Treatments

To start with doing hair spa at home, it is important to give the papering of essential oils to your scalp. It will induce the overall hair health and softness. Mix oils like coconut oil, olive oil, almond oil and castor oil in a small pan and heat it for a while.  Apply it onto the scalp and massage it for 10 minutes in a circular motion and following to the tips and ends of hair. Keep it overnight or for minimum 2 hours. These oils consist of fatty acids that penetrate the scalp and hair leading to naturally amazing looking hairs.

Hair washing

After that hot chumpi or the oil massaging, use a mild shampoo and wash your hair and scalp gently. Towel dry your hair and use a good conditioner on the tips and ends of the hair strands. This is important in bridal hair spa.

Hair spa mask:

best homemade bridal hair spa

After cleansing and conditioning your hair, let it dry or use a blow dryer to dry your hairs. Remember to maintain enough distance between your hair and dryer. Then use any of the above deep conditioning, hair spa treatments to get optimum results. Homemade Hair Conditioner for Dry Hair

Bridal Hair spa with egg white and other smoothening agents:

Hair needs deep smoothening and softening products to promote the hair health than before.

What you need?

Egg white 1 cup

2 spoons of olive oil

2 spoons of almond oil

Half cup of milk

Procedure: Beat an egg and take out the egg white in a big bowl and leave the yolk. Now add the above listed ingredients in the bowl and mix them properly using a whisker or a spoon. Apply this hair spa  mask onto the hair and keep it for 30 minutes. Rinse off with cold water. See: Best aloe vera shampoos in India

Hair spa with Reetha and Amla for shine and strengthening agents:

These active hair thickening and shining natural remedies are perfect for the desired outcomes of natural beautiful hair.

What you need?

3-4 spoons of Reetha (soapnut)

2 Amla powder (gooseberry)

1 spoon of Pepper powder

2 sticks of shikakai

1 cup of milk

Procedure: Heat the pan and boil 1 cup of milk in it. Let it cool for 2 hours Now soak the above ingredients in the milk for 10 minutes. And apply this to the hair and keep it for 45 minutes. In the end wash it off with water or shampoo.(if required)

Hair spa with Curd and fenugreek seeds to boost hair softness:

The most useful and easily to make hair spa that gives extreme moisture and smoothness to the hair strands.

What you need?

Fenugreek seeds

1 cup Hung curd

2 spoons of honey

Procedure: Soak the fenugreek seeds overnight and separate the seeds in another bowl. Blend it and using a mixer or blender. Now pour the fenugreek paste in a bowl and add the curd and honey in it. Mix them well and now by using your fingers, apply it to the hair and ends. Keep it for 45 minutes and rinse off thoroughly.