Best Beauty Tips for South Indian Brides

Beauty tips for South Indian Brides

beauty tips for south indian brides

South Indian brides are all glittery and shiny on their wedding day with lots of gold jewellery that makes them heavenly and like a goddess. The south craze for gold and silk can be seen in abundance in a south Indian marriage. South Indian brides and their styling has been changing time to time but the traditional base still exists and remains the same. South India is a region with a tropical climate. It is deadly hot and steamy. The brides in south need special tricks and secrets to beautify. Here are few tips which can enhance south Indian beauties.

Skin Care and Beauty tips for South Indian Brides

De-tan yourself

De-tan yourself regularly. The climate in south India is very hot and kills skin indirectly. The skin may burn, get rashes and become dry due to the climate so keep tanning yourself regularly. Face tans and body tan creams are available easily use them or you can get it done in beauty parlors. Yogurt and unboiled milk are good natural de-tan agents. If your skin happens to be oily then read this article here on beauty tips for Indian brides with oily skin.

Use sun screen lotions and sun protections

Use sufficient sun screens, sun glares and cotton gloves to cover your body from bad effects of sun light. This helps to keep skin moist and prevents from sun burn and helps you beautify for your special day. Also see: Summer Bridal Tips from Shahnaz Hussain

Makeup Tips South Indian Brides

South Indian brides are already loaded with lots of gold jewelry and saree with gold borders. So it is advisable to have less glittery make up. When you already had lots of glittery looks on cloths and jewelry it would make no sense to add more glitter.

Choose the correct Saree color for you

Every one has a special skin tone and color but the color of saree you have to wear on your special is White. Therefore choose the right shade of white which can enhance your beauty. I have seen many brides who are very beautiful but the white shade some times ruin their entire look. Choose the right white which adds charm to your body color. Read: Best blouse designs for Indian Brides

Use under arm pads

Silk saree always show sweat spots and they never go even after dry cleaning sadly.

In most of the south Indian markets you find under arm pads which absorb the sweat and do not allow it to leak to the blouse. It is mostly embarrassing and a big turn off.  I personally feel it ruins the complete look. So go get a pair of those.

Choose the petticoat wisely

  • Do not use satin petticoats. If you wish to use them wear a cotton petticoat under satin petticoat. Satin petticoat is not stable and always stick to thighs or legs which can ruin the complete saree look. Cotton petticoats are best because they are stable and do not stick to the body.
  • When your saree is double shaded or have multicolor choose a petticoat which can mix up with the saree and color which is at the bottom.
  • Always wear under garments so that the petticoat do not stick and remain stable enhancing complete saree look.

Hair and beautification for South Indian Brides

haircare tisp for south indian brides

  • All know south Indian beauties have black, long and shiny hair. You can oil them well regularly some months before you are going to get hooked up. Oiling them would nourish unhealthy hair. You can start 3 months before your marriage. Hairs are one of the best beauty assets.

Choose a hair style in which you look the best and you are comfortable with. In south Indian weddings, the bride usually braid hair and beautify it with intricate jewelry and flowers. Plaiting is traditional way but you can modify it and add some fashion to it by little bit of styling. You can make side or centre humps, make French knots or plait it in some different style. The hair stylist can guide you better. Most of the time in south Indian marriages the bride has to change the dress. So choose a hair style which suits both the dress.

These are few tips which a south Indian bride can follow to add charm to her beauty. Hope these tips really helped you.

Written By: Khyati Mahajan