8 Best Hair Growth shampoos in India with price

5 best hair growth shampoos in india

8 Best Hair Growth shampoos in India with price: Are you suffering from hair thinning, hair fall or even baldness? Problems like these are big time beauty concern this is why we get worried when hair problems like this arises. We want new hair growth so that the baldness can be cured. For that we have so many hair care products like the hair growth oils, hair growth shampoos, serums, hair packs etc. Hair growth can be induced using this some natural and herbal products. So many shampoos have herbal products which can stimulate the growth of new hair follicles. So, let’s have a look at some of the best herbal hair growth shampoos in India.

8 Best Herbal Hair Growth shampoos in India

Patanjali Kesh Kanti Natural Hair Shampoo

hair growth shampoos in india patanjali

Patanjali Kesh Kanti Hair Shampoo is rich in natural herbal extracts of herbs like Bhringraj, henna, acadia concinna (shikakai) and emblic myrobalan (amla), Soap nut (ritha), Neem or margosa (neem), Indian valerian (tagar), esculent fiacurtia (bakuchi) and turmeric. This helps in the regeneration of the new hair follicles so that the hair look thicker and hair loss is reduced. This herbal hair growth shampoo also combats the hair fall by making the hair softer and manageable. This is priced at 90 rupees for 200 ml pack.

VLCC Hair Fall Control Shampoo

vlcchair growth shampoos in india

Hiar fall is the biggest hair woe for anyone who faces hair fall and hair loss. So, when the hair loss is reduced the new follicles are regenerated. One such product is this VLCC hair fall controlling shampoo which is a combination of Hibiscus (gudhal) and Coconut. They provide deep nourishment to the root of the hair. Moreover, hibiscus flower is able to reduces hair fall and also helps in regeneration of new hairs. Coconut oil penetrates in the scalp deeply and gives immense nourishment.

Biotique Bio Kelp Protein Shampoo

hair growth shampoos in india biotique

This shampoo may not lather a lot due to the lesser chemicals in it which helps to make the foaming lathers but this still is able to give a thorough wash to the hair. Moreover, this shampoo is slightly drying hence people with oily hair and scalp can use this. The kelp protein in it helps in hair growth. This natural shampoo to grow the hair faster is for 125 rupees in India.

Jovees Henna & Ginseng Anti Hair Loss Shampoo

jovees hair growth shampoos in india

Ginseng is a great ingredient which naturally helps in the hair growth and cell regeneration.  Jovees Henna & Ginseng Anti Hair Loss Shampoo will help to regulate the over secretion of the oils. This maintains the natural balance of the hair and scalp. This hair growth shampoo helps to provide the nutrition to the hair. This anti hair fall and hair growth shampoo has ginseng, capsicum and henna which is great for the hair growth.

Organix Org Thick & Full Biotin & Collagen Shampoo

orgamix hair growth shampoos in india

For thin and lifeless hair, this has collagen and biotin which helps in hair growth and thickening o the hair strands.  This shampoo increases the hair density by thickening the strands. This hair growth shampoo is for all  the hair types and cost 675 rupees.

Khadi Herbal Amla & Bhringraj Shampoo

khadi hair growth shampoos in india

Khadi Amla & Bhringraj Shampoo is suitable for all the hair types and is for hair growth and good hair health. This is free from the parabens and ideal for thicker hair. The bhringraj in this shampoo will help to prevent the hair fall and hair loss. This hair growth shampoo is for 125 rupees for 210 ml.

Garnier Ultra Blends Royal Jelly & Lavender Shampoo

garnier hair growth shampoos in india

This Garnier shampoo is rich in essential Amino Acids, Vitamins and Lipids that strengthen the hair strands and promotes the hair growth by nourishing the hair roots. This is for 55 rupees for 75 ml.

Dove Hair Therapy Shampoo – Daily Shine

dove hair growth shampoos in india

When the hair is dry and brittle then too hair fall and hair loss is seen. This shampoo will deep nourish the scalp and hair of a healthy lustrous feel. This replenishes the moisture and takes care of the dryness and hair damage. This is suitable for men and women alike.

Benefits of using hair Growth shampoos

Such shampoos has natural ingredients like ginseng, Bhringraj, amla, etc which helps to stimulate the blood circulation and also the new hair strands

Hair loss is also reduced when you use such hair re-growth shampoos and hair cleansers. Moreover, the herbs present will smoothen the hair cuticle due to which the hair fall due to breakage is minimized

Hair fall due to breakage is also a cause of hair loss hence that can be tackled.

The natural herbs  in hair growth shampoo will lead to a good hair health gradually.