7 Best Bridal Hair Accessories for Indian Brides

By Ratna Balani

7 Best Bridal Hair Accessories for Indian Brides

Hair accessories for Indian brides: Every single bride explores a variety of material for her marriage. She gets super excited for her wedding shopping. On the Big-day, her desire to look the most beautiful and heartbreaking is an important job. With changing fashion trends, brides prefer modernization in each thing needed in her wardrobe. In the marriage of a girl, selection of clothing, accessories, makeup and beauty plays a substantial part. It transforms her entire look and makes her more attractive in the observance. She does not miss any requirements to be fulfilled in fashion and lifestyle.

The dynamic fashion industry presents a fresh trend year by year, it allows the people to experiment with various corners of look. This creates buzz around the women to procure latest fashion merchandise. The result is thriving markets and designer shop. Same occurs in the field of accessory, brides are very desirous to catch the newest accessory to add grace in their traditional avtars. Read: 10 Indian Bridal Hairstyle for wedding, Reception

Hair accessories for Indian brides

Today I’ll share some latest bridal hair accessory trends that you can succeed and create a fashion statement with your Desi look.

Beaded chains:

Hair Accessories for Indian Brides

This is the topmost like of all the brides who wish to accessorize on their wedding. Beaded chains are similar or a modernized version of Maang Tikka. It looks fabulous on every female who is becoming a bride. You can get into it with a Lehenga, suit as well as with sarees to develop high elegance.

Faux stone Pins:

Hair Accessories for Indian Brides

This bridal hair accessory is mostly seen worn out by brides and beautiful chics of the township. Pins or clips fixed with faux stones look extremely pretty on the buns and hair updo. You can easily carry it with a nice high or medium bun at any occasion especially in your own wedding. It comes with amazing colors and designs, buy something according to your choice. Remember, colors like brown, black, navy blue without combinations should be deflected as it builds you look dull in the night and day time.

Glittering and stone headbands:


An accessory that can covert your whole hair look and creates a cunning and pretty style. Glittering Headbands are a perfect match with evening gowns and long one-piece dresses. Try colors like gold, silver, rose gold, pink, purple that are not too loud on your face.

Beaded clips:

Hair Accessories for Indian Brides

The unique and stylish beaded clips, enhance the hair look on the occasion. You can choose any of the beaded clips that contrast or match with your bridal attire. Butterfly, flower, spiral, wing and other designs can be experimented while doing hairstyles like curls, puff, messy buns and high ponytails. You can use these  bridal hair clips to secure your hairstyles or the bun.

Tika with traditional touch:

Hair Accessories for Indian Brides

Nowadays, brides-to-be also prefer the Desi Maang Tikas which are available in heavy jewelry beads and stones. There is a huge variety of jewelry in Jaipur, Delhi and Mumbai markets. If you have selected red and maroon Lehenga for the Big day, then, such Tika is the perfect accessory for that moment.

Dazzling tiara:

Hair Accessories for Indian Brides

Tiara is a big hit in college going girls, brides, women, and teenagers. It looks lovely on every age group. However, the design and colors should be selected in accordance with the attire and occasion. The young and sensational beauties may carry the tiaras on the head of the pre and post bride functions. Vibrant colors with beads and flowers can be a suitable choice for the brides. They are just wonderful for the modern Indian brides like for beach weddings or Christian weddings etc.

Jhoomar or Paasa:

Hair Accessories for Indian Brides

The Muslim accessories give a royal feel to the bride. Whether it is a fashion show or any big event, paasa is getting popular among the 20’s and 30’s. Heavy embroidered sarees and suits with deep reds ,maroons, greens and orange can be combined with pearl and gotta based paasas for the D-night.  You can try these bridal hair accessory with pearls, kundan, rhinestones, or pure gold made pasaas which will look beautiful and takes the beauty of a bride to another level.