6 Essential Beauty Tips for Brides before Wedding

Essential Beauty tips for Brides

Essential Beauty tips for Brides

Wedding day is special and every bride would love to look her best on her marriage day. But a lot of us have some of the other problems related to health, skin or hair. So what a bride-to-be can do to keep the hair, skin and health in best possible state. We will share some beauty tips for brides that will certainly help them.

1. Facials for glowing skin

This is like a must have for brides as all of the brides would like to look glowing and beautiful on their wedding day. But you should definitely go for the facial that suits your skin type. Else that can have adverse effect if you skin happens to be oily acne prone or even sensitive. You don’t want red patches or rashes. Right? Or the acne and pimples erupting on the face on your D day. Go for fruits facial as they suit even the most sensitive skin type. Rest you can ask the dermatologist about this as most of the Bridal package service providers have their own dermatologists who can analyse the skin better.

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2. Hair removal for smooth skin

essential beauty tips for brides hair removal

This is also a must have beauty tip and treatment for brides. None of the brides would want visible facial hair or the unwanted hair on their body. Most of the brides would go for the hands and legs hair removal but these days even the waist, stomach and back waxing is also done that gives a smooth and hair free skin. Hair removal methods like waxing is the most used method to get rid of the excessive unwanted hair but you can also have laser treatment if you have a budget for that. If your are trying waxing then try that at least 4-5 days before as some women has very sensitive skin that can have rashes and red spots after waxing hence to be on a safer side 4-5 days before the wedding and other pre wedding functions will be suitable to get waxing done.

3. Face packs and Masks

essential beauty tips for brides face packs

While a lot of brides will have facials and other bridal packages. You should also try and use some natural homemade face packs that include the ingredients like honey. Honey is the gentlest moisturizing ingredients that are suitable for almost every skin type. It is anti microbial hence will eliminate the chances of pimples and also treats the skin tanning and lightens the skin. In fact, a bride can have a honey bath by applying honey on the entire body and face like a lotion and then taking the bath after 20 minutes. This gives sooth skin. Mix few drops of lemon juice which will lighten the spots and marks. This is so gentle that this can be used everyday. This is one of the beat beauty tip for brides-to-be.

4. Exfoliation

essential beauty tips for brides exfoliation

While you are doing other treatment, exfoliation is also a must have process that everyone should do. Scrubbing the face with oatmeal pack will ensure a dewy and smoother skin. Scrubbing should be done 2 times in a week. Exfoliation will also help the brides to look glowing on her wedding day since this gets rid of the excessive dead skin layer over the skin.

5. Oil Massaging

essential beauty tips for brides oil massaging

To keep the hair softer, go for oil massaging once in a week. This process is ideal to start at least 2 months before the wedding as this will make the hair strands smoother and thicker. If the bride-to-be is suffering from flaky skin and dandruff in that case, few drops of tea tree oil should be mixed in the massaging oil which eliminates the flakes and fungus that causes dandruff.

6. Diet for brides

Other than these tips a bride-to-be should take care of what she eats like taking too much coffee or tea is not good or the soda drink that we usually have. Try and take green tea instead which is a rich source of antioxidants. Eat fresh fruits and salads. Try to avoid the high in salt food or the fried oily food items. And lastly drink 7-8 glasses of water daily to maintain the glow and health for your skin and hair.

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