5 Top Best Fruit Facial Kits in India for fairness and glow with Price

best fruit facila kits in India

5 Top Best Fruit Facial Kits in India with Price: Fruits are good or the skin. Fruits bring blemish free complexion and keeps the skin elasticity intact so that the skin also looks flawless and brighter. A bright skin is really in and lot of women will wish to have a glowing, flawless complexion. For that we use expensive skin care products but honestly timely facials can helps you achieve a radiant complexion easily. So, if you have been thinking of using fruit facial kits then here is the list of best fruit facials kits in India long with their prices. Fruits are enriched with AHA and vitamins which boost the skin’s clarity and glow.

5 Top Best Fruit Facial Kits in India with Price

VLCC Fruit Facial Kit

vlcc 5 Top Best Fruit Facial Kits in India with Price

VLCC Fruit Facial Kit has 5 steps or the products in it. This fruit kit is ideal for keeping the skin glowing a and radiant. This helps to impart a radiant complexion and glowing. This facial kit is also good to make the skin become flawless and also lighten the complexion. Moreover, thus also has tightening effects on the face and skin looks taut. With the regular usage of this fruit facial kit you will also get lighter skin tone. This kit is for 250 rupees. See: Oily skin toners in India

Oriflame Sweden Pure Nature Tropical Fruits Facial Kit

oriflame 5 Top Best Fruit Facial Kits in India with Price

This fruit facial kit includes a cleanser, facial scrub, face massage cream and refreshing skin face mask.  This goodness of fruits like papaya, guarana, pineapple to help restore skin radiance and soften the skin. This is for 775 rupees.

Jovees Fruit Facial Kit

jovees 5 Top Best Fruit Facial Kits in India with Price

Jovees fruit facial kit contains the 6 step facial products. This fruit facial kit includes citrus and blackberry cleanser, Honey and almond facial scrub, Papaya and Pineapple massage cream, Witch Hazel and Basil Skin Toning Gel, Apple and Avocado Fruit Face Pack, Tea Tree and Witch Hazel Rejuvenating Face Cream. These products have fruits like papaya, apple, banana, avocado and pine apple. This is good for rejuvenating the skin and to make the skin look healthier. This is for 550 rupees.

Vaadi Herbals Skin-lightening Fruit Facial Kit

vaadi 5 Top Best Fruit Facial Kits in India with Price

This is a fruit facial kit that that skin lightening properties.This includes 5 products that help to whiten and brighten the skin complexion. This is a fruit kit that has products like the fruit massage cream.This has a Skin-lightening Fruit Cleansing Cream, fruit face pack, fruit fairness face scrub, skin lightening massage gel and cream. This costs 250 rupees.

The Body Care Fruit Spa Facial Skin Rejuvenating Program Facial Kit

the body care 5 Top Best Fruit Facial Kits in India with Price

This Fruit Facial Skin Rejuvenating kit has properties to help your skin get the best of the nutrients and the glow.  This includes a cleanser, scrub, massage cream, face pack and an insta shine concentrate. This contains fruits like strawberry, apple, papaya etc that brings more oxygen to the skin tissues and cells for an improved complexion. This fruit facial is for 350 rupees.

Benefits of Fruit Facial Kit

Fruits are good for the skin in rejuvenating the skin complexion so that the skin looks free from the blemishes and acne spots.

The skin that has the dark spots and zits that too gets healed by the fruit extracts that are there in these fruit facial kits.

Facials are good for the improvisation of the blood circulation. This is good for the complexion improvement also.

Fruit also helps to make the oily skin less oilier by regulating the sebum and oil regulation.

The massage cream will make the complexion glowing.

Moreover, the skin looks younger and glowing by the massage cream and the gel creams included in the facial kits.