Things Bride-To-Be Should Not Do Before The Wedding

Things Bride-To-Be Should Not Do Before The Wedding

5 things a bride should not do before the wedding

Your wedding day is the most cherished thing and the preparation for that starts 2-3 months in advance. A lot of us have one or the other beauty concerns, like the excessive flab on the waist line, patchy skin, even skin tone, messy frizzy dry hair etc. To tackle all that generally a brides-to-be would go for special treatments and for the weight loss programs but  lot of times unknowingly brides-to-be can do certain things which are not good for her but may even harm her right on the wedding day or after the marriage. Want to know what those things, Let’s have a look at the below stated points.

1. Rapid Attempt for Weight Loss

Brides who are slightly bulkier wish to be in shape and for that most of them will do crash course or excessive dieting. This is wrong as the crash diet will harm the body internally and weakness can be there moreover the hair and skin health also goes for a toss. Rather than avoid eating sufficient amount a bride-to-be should concentrate on eating healthy foods like taking nuts or drinking juices, taking whole grain. This way they will not starve themselves but at the sometime the requirement of the body will be fulfilled. Not only that the nutritious food will help them to lose weight and gain the glow on the skin and bounce in the hair.

2. Too Much Exercises

5 Things A Bride-To-Be Should Not Do Before The Wedding excercises

There are problem areas for all of us like the bulky arms, thigh, and some excess flab on the waist etc. so, to come in shape a lot of the bride-to-be would do excessive exercises. This can make the muscle fatigue and they can get tired. It will lead to pain in the muscle and have other adverse results. It would be better to start earlier rather than doing too much exercises in short period of time. See: Effective tips for Indian brides with oily skin

3. Too many skin treatments

Skin Care Tips for Indian Brides-To-be Before Wedding routine

Glow is what a bride-to-be needs the most and for that too many skin treatment will ensued like facials, some other facial and some scrubbing, some excess application of chemicals in the form of skin creams, serums etc. So, do you think it will really give good results? This would be better if you eat right and try doing the basics like going for a facial once in a month and then daily following the basic cleansing toning and moisturizing steps. Exfoliate once or twice in a week and apply face packs 2 times in a week. Anything more than that will definitely be heavy on the pocket and on the skin as well.

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4. Stress

This is the culprit for most of the brides-to-be. Stress leaves the skin looking glowing and when you are stress no treatment is going to give positive results so be happy and enjoy the ceremonies. Leave the stress aside and enjoy the most important day of your life.

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