5 Best Papaya Face Packs in India With Price

best papaya face pack in india with price

5 Best Papaya Face Packs in India: Just like we like to use the papaya face wash to get the benefits of papaya. Similarly papaya face packs are also great to achieve a beautiful skin which is blemish free and sun tan free. There are several benefits of papaya face packs. We have done posts on sharing recipes on making the homemade papaya face packs but at times we do not have the time. This is true so at such times, we can use the ready made face packs with papaya as ingredient to get the wonderful benefits of papaya in skin care. Papaya is rich in the active enzyme called papain which increases the cell turnover and makes the skin appear flawless. Moreover, papaya also makes the skin whiter and does skin lightening. These papaya skin whitening facial packs will add firmness and tightness to the skin and also reduces the size of the open pores. Such facial packs will do gentle exfoliation to fade the dark spots too. Let’s have a look at the best papaya face packs in India that are available in the market.

5 Best Papaya Face Packs in Indian Market

1. Nature’s Papaya Face Pack 

nature's papaya face pack

This Nature’s essence papaya pack is a part of the papaya facial kit. This is good too just like the papaya face wash and neem face wash. This can be applied evenly on the face and then washed off. This helps in the reduction of pigmentation and the blemishes on the skin. This penetrates deeply and improves the appearances of the skin pores so that they look firmer. The active ingredients in this pack reduce the appearance of pigmentation and blemishes, leaving skin clear and beautiful. This papaya pack removes dead uppermost epithelial cells resulting in the smoothness of the skin. This is for 125 rupees for 60 g.

2. Herbal Roots Skin Whitening Papaya Face Pack

herbal roots papaya face pack

This is a papaya skin whitening face pack which helps to improve the dull and shallow complexion. This cleanses the skin deeply and nourishes the skin layers by penetrating deeply. It helps in lightening of the pigmentation and the scars on the skin. Furthermore, this mask with papaya will help to fade the dullness and shallowness in the skin.

3. Vedic Line Papaya Face Pack

vedic line papaya face pack

Vedic line is also a herbal and natural skin care product. This is rich in made with rich papaya extracts. This face pack will keep the skin smooth since the skin gets the benefits of the active papaya enzymes. This will leave the skin radiant and translucent. Application of papaya rich facial packs and masks will results in the lightening of the skin and glow. This is rich in clay also hence good for oily skin which is acne prone. This will heal the acne and pimple spots on the skin. This is for 199 rupees for 100ml.

4. Joy Skin Fruits Anti Blemish Face pack

joy papaya face pack

This Jovees face pack is a rich blend of the fruits long with papaya. This targets the dark spots, pigmentation, aging skin, marks and blemishes on the skin. You can try this once in a week for normal skin and twice for oily skin.

5. Banjaras Multani Papaya Face Pack

banjara's papaya face pack

Banjara makes good face packs but they are in powder form which is good that they are free from the parabens tec. Just add some water or rose water and then apply directly on the face. Just the application of 15 minutes will give you give you clear and good skin. This has multani mitti as well which will squeeze out the oils etc from the skin. This is for 100g for 100 rupees. This is available in tube paste like form or in a powder form.