5 Best Oily Skin Toner in India with Price and Benefits

best oily skin toners in india

5 Best Oily Skin Toner in India with Price and Benefits: Do you feel toners are just as an extra added product then think again? Skin toners will help to protect the skin from impurities and also helps to maintain a healthy pH balance of the skin. Whether your skin is oily or dry a skin toner is a must have. Skin will look a lot better when you use a skin toner for your oily skin daily. The toner will also help to declog the skin and to keep the skin free from the oils.  So, here are the best skin toner for oily skin and combination skin in India along with their prices. A toner is as necessary as a face wash is. To prevent acne you can try a tea tree face wash or neem face wash. You can also try homemade skin toners. So, let’s have a look at the best oily skin toners.

5 Top Best Oily Skin Toner in India

VLCC Skin Defense Punarnava Astringent 

vlcc oily skin toner in india

This is an ideal toner for the men and women who would like to have their pores tightened. This VLCC Skin Defense Punarnava Astringent works well  for the normal and oily skin types. This Punarnava Astringent or toner contains almond oil and nutmeg (jaiphal) oil that will minimize the occurrence of skin blemishes. This can be used after your ideal face wash for oily skin to have better results. This oily skin toner is for 135 rupees for 100 ml. See: Best papaya face wash in India

The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Toner 

the body shop oily skin toner in india

Nothing is more beneficial then tea tree for oily skin apart from neem. So, this tea tree toner is great since this will help to cure the oiliness and to get rid of the acne etc. This will loosen the blackheads and they will be removed easily. This is for 799 rupees for 250 ml. Tea tree for blackheads is an excellent remedy. This oily skin toner is also great to remove the makeup traces and to keep the skin’s natural pH balance. See: Best strawberry face wash in India

Plum Green Tea Alcohol-Free Toner

plum oily skin toner in india

This plum green tea toner is also good for oily skin this is free from alcohol and do not dry the skin. This has the effect of green tea, and the gentle exfoliation of glycolic acid which helps in removing the dead sin and impurities. Green tea is full of antioxidants like flavinoids which has important aging benefits. This toner for oily skin is for 350 rupees for 200 ml bottle.

Biotique Bio Cucumber Pore Tightening Face Freshener

biotique oily skin toner in india

This Biotique Face Freshener is an effective combination of ingredients like Cucumber, Coriander, Nutgalls, peppermint oil, mint extracts, Berberry etc which helps to tighten and shrink the pores size.  This toner is good for oily skin since cucumber and mint will help to regulate the oils as well. This is priced at 175 rupees in India for 120ml bottle. Moreover, this oily skin toner will restore the pH balance but will not dry out the oily skin or will make the skin greasy.

Oriflame Sweden Optimals White Purifying Toner Oily Skin

oriflame oily skin toner  in india

This toner for oily skin does a good job in caring for the oily to combination skin types though the normal skin types can also use this. This will help to make the skin feel refreshed. Furthermore, this toner will also deep clean the pores which can cause the skin problems. You can get this Oriflame oily skin toner for 430 rupees in India for 200 ml.

Benefits of Toners for oily skin

Toners will help to maintain a healthy pH balance of the skin due to which the skin does not look oily, greasy or dry. This actually makes your skin look refreshed.

After cleansing the oils and sebum which are left in the pores and on the skin layer that can also be take care by the facial skin toners. Therefore toners become necessary.

Toners prep the skin for your makeup base as well so that the makeup glides really nicely.

Moreover, toners will also reduce the pore size and declogs the blocked pores when used regularly.

Toners containing the anti acne components and herbals elements which helps to prevent the acne and pimples are good for oily acne prone skin.