5 Best Neem face Wash in India with Price

best neem face packs

5 Best Neem face Wash in India with Price: Neem is one of the best and cheap product that is natural to treat the pimples and acne on the face. So, are you thinking of buying a good neem face wash then you have to check this post. By the way, when our skin is oily and acne prone then neem can help to keep the skin clear and clean. How? Actually, neem is a very natural anti bacterial and anti- fungal product that occurs naturally. The neem tree is beneficial and so does the neem extracts. The extracts of pimple healing neem leaves in the readymade neem face wash can help you minimize the occurrence of the pimples and acne on the face. The neem oil which is there in the neem extracts will treat the pimples by killing the bacteria responsible for spreading the acne infection. Let’s have a look at the best neem facial cleansers for men and women in India.

5 Best Neem face Wash in Indian Market

1. Garnier Pure Active Neem Face Wash

garnier pure active neem face wash

This is our most favorite face wash with the neem extracts in it. Along with that this also have the tea tree extracts. This will deep cleanse the skin for a bright and squeaky clean skin. The dirt and dust that gets deposited over the skin the entire day that too can be dislodged easily using this neem laden face wash. This is for 90 rupees. See: Best strawberry face wash

2. Khadi Herbal Neem Herbal Face Wash

Khadi Herbal Neem Herbal Face Wash

Khadi makes some very good herbal and facial products for skin and hair. This neem face wash from Khadi herbals is a mild facial cleanser that will be helpful for all the skin types. Both boys and girls can try this face wash to get rid of the pimples and to keep the skin blemish free everyday. This is enriched with Neem oil, Wheat Germ oil,  tea tree oil, and aloe vera to sooth the irritated skin. This will not dry the skin but maintains a healthy pH balance of the skin. This cost 70 rupees. See: Best tan removal scrub in India

3. Aroma Magic Neem and Tea Tree Face Wash

Aroma Magic Neem and Tea Tree

This face wash too have the power of neem with tea tree. Both of these ingredients are just amazing for a healthy pimple free skin. Tea tree also possesses the same qualities as that of the neem. Tea tree is anti bacterial and anti fungal due to which that also helps in the prevention of the acne and pimples on the face. This can be used by men and women of all ages.This is for 125 rupees for 100 ml. This Neem Face Wash removes deep embed blackheads and treats the acne and pimples on your face.

4. Oriflame Sweden Love Nature Neem Face Wash

Oriflame Sweden Love Nature Neem Face Wash

This love nature neem enriched facial wash is from Oriflame. Oriflame products are hit and miss at times for we Indian but this face wash is a good product. This is loaded with antibacterial properties of Neem. Neem helps the prevention of blemishes and balances the oil secretion on the oily acne prone skin. This is a dermatologically tested face wash and cost 198 for 50 ml pack.

5. Himalaya Purifying Neem Face Wash  

himalaya neem face wash

The Himalaya Herbals face wash is also one of the best face wash that most of us will use when we face the acne and pimple prone skin. This face wash is for 110 rupees for 100 ml. This has neem oil in it that treats the acne and blackheads too. It is formulated with anti bacterial neem oil and turmeric. Neem oil targets the skin’s pimples and inflammation. It kills the bacteria and keeps the skin supple and free of acne.