5 Best Neem Face packs In Indian Market with Price

5 Best Neem Face packs In Indian Market with Price

5 best neem face packs in india

Neem is a great ingredient that will heal your acne, pimples and skin blemishes. You know how friends, it is because neem has neem oil which is rich in the anti bacterial and anti fungal, disinfectant properties. Regular usage of neem face pack will help to combat the irritation, skin infection and to treat the pimples and acne faster. The inflammation on the skin that get while we get acne then too neem packs will help to minimize the inflammation and redness on the skin. Moreover, the whiteheads and blackheads that we get due to the heavy sebum production, that too will be controlled by using neem in the face packs. Moreover, you can try homemade packs using neem leaves or neem paste but when we are busy we cannot bother to prepare a homemade pack for pimples but we can try readymade store bought products. Here are the best neem face packs that you can try.

5 Best Neem Face packs In Indian Market 

1. Herbal Roots Anti Acne / Pimple Care and Pimple Remover Neem Face Pack  

herbal roots neem face pack

This neem pack is for 349 rupees and is for 100g pack. This will last long and is very easy to spread on the skin. This is a pimple remover neem pack. This neem loaded pack is formulated for pigmentation and to get a flawless skin. This can be used once in a week even when you do not have pimples to get protection against the occurrence of acne. This will get rid of the blackheads and whiteheads too.

2. Himalaya Purifying Neem Face Pack  

himlaya neem face pack

Himalaya is one of the best skin care brand that makes herbal skin care products. This neem face pack is from the Himalaya’s neem range and this also has neem face wash and neem facial scrub.  This is rich in the neem that helps to get rid of the pimples and skin irritation. This also deep cleanses the skin and makes the skin free from impurities, oils and dirt. This neem pack is for 130 rupees for 100g tube pack. The pack is in a paste like product.

3. The Body Care Neem Face Pack

the body care neem face pack

This Body care neem pack is for acne protection and pimples. This can be used for all the skin types and is rich in neem extracts.

4. Aloe Veda Neem, Tulsi & Tea Tree Oil Facial Ubtan Pack  

Aloe Veda Neem, Tulsi & Tea Tree Oil Facial Ubtan Pack

Aloe Veda neem pack is more like a ubtan that is rich in tea tree oil, tulsi along with the neem. This is a natural product. which is obtained from the dried plant products and is also used by mixing natural products like honey, yoghurt, rose water etc.  This is in the dry powder form and that has to be mixed with anything like curd, rose water etc to use this.

5. Khadi Herbal Neem Tulsi Face pack

This a neem and tulsi pack which is good for the acne prone skin. This will also keep the skin cool and soothing sensation since this has tulsi. Moreover, tulsi is good anti bacterial and anti pimple product. This also revitalizes the skin and gives a fresh feel to the skin. This 150 ml pack of this pack will cost 299 rupees.