5 Best Gold Facial Kits in India for Men and Women, Benefits for glow and fairness

5 Best Gold Facial Kits in India for Men and Women, Benefits for glow and fairness

5 best gold facial kit in india

HI everyone! We all will go for facials whenever there is a major function or festival. Gold is known to revive and regenerate the skin. This gives the skin a lustering glow, so in this post at Blushing Indian Bride today, we have compiled the best gold facial kits in the market.  These kits are available in the small one time home facial packs too and we have shared the price for that only. After using these kits for so many times, we know that mostly these kits can be used twice. Moreover, home facials are good as you do not have to spend a lot of at beauty parlours. Before starting that let’s see friends what are the benefits of gold facials.

Benefits of Gold Facials or doing gold facial at home

Gold is a great skin purifier and gets rid of the dead dull skin faster.

Gold facial can be done at salons or home to make the skin get the glow like gold.

Moreover, gold has anti ageing properties. This will help to increase the cell turnover and also cell regeneration hence the wrinkles are lightened and skin gets tighter.

This also acts as an anti inflammatory hence will heal the tired inflamed skin.

Gold tones and tightens the skin and makes it softer too

Best Gold Facial Kits for Brides in India

Joy 24K Gold Glow Facial Kit

Joy 24K Gold Glow Facial Kit has the gold particles that improves the skin texture and tone. This will purify and illuminate the skin to give the lost radiance to the skin. This is good for the glow and clarity of the skin. In this kit you will get a Glow Scrub Cleanser that has micro particles which removes dead skin and blackheads. Then it has the second step as glow cream. Glow cream will give glow by getting inside the skin while the glow massage gel will give further clarity to the skin. Glow Massage Gel is an oil-free rich fluid gel contains pure gold along with rare botanical extracts .The lats step is the Glow Face Pack that will detoxify the skin from dead skin cells, impurities and helps in cell regeneration.This costs 215 rupees. Best bridal facial kits in India

Nature’s Essence Gold Facial Kit

Gold is a healing agent that adds a luster on the skin. This nature’s essence gold facial kit has the 4 steps like the gold scrub, gold cream, Gold nourishing massage gel and a gold revitalizing pack. When this kit is used regularly then it reduces the stress and brings clarity on the skin. This is a mini facial kit that can be used at home. This home facial kit is for 215 rupees. Best fruit facial kit in India

Lotus Herbal Radiant Gold Cellular Glow Facial Kit

gold facial kit lotus herbals

This kit is natural and has the gold particles that leaves the skin satiny smooth and shiny. This can be used by all the skin types. You will get 4 steps of facials like a scrub, massage cream, massage gel and a gold pack. Gold packs are good to tighten the skin and to get a soft natural glow. Moreover, this cream will increase the cell regeneration hence is good facial kit for mature and wrinkled skin as well.

VLCC Gold Facial Kit

VLCC gold facial kit

VLCC is extremely popular for its facial kits. You will see this brand at almost all the major salons and beauty parlours. This VLCC gold facial kit has the gold ash or gold bhashma which helps to make the dull lack luster skin glow with smoothness and clarity. This consist of a gold cleanser that cleans the dull dirty skin, a gold scrub which smoothens the skin and also gets rid of the dead skin cells and tired skin. Then there is a peel off mask which helps to tighten the skin. Moreover, this peel off mask will also make the skin glowing. Lastly this gold home facial kit consists of an oil-free moisturizing gel that give moisturization and nourishment to the skin. This facial kit is for all the skin types. This costs 225 rupees.

Shahnaz Husain gold facial kit

Shahnaz hussain is a well known Peron in the field of beauty and skin care. Her brand is also very famous. This Gold facial kit by Shahnaz Hussain  is mostly for the fairness and glow. This consist of 4 steps of facials like a scrub which cleanses the skin and makes the skin free of the dust dirt etc. Then a gel which revives and revitalizes the skin. A skin cream with gold will help to nourish the skin while the gold mask will also tone and tighten the skin.