5 Best Anti Tan facial kit in India for Tan Removal

5 Best Anti Tan facial kit in India with Price

5 Best Anti Tan facial kit in India with Price

Is your skin getting tan? Or are you worried about the skin getting darker use to excessive exposure to the sun then surely you can try facials. Yes, there are facial kits that are targeted for the tanned skin. Such facial kits are known as anti tan facial kits. Facial are good to revive the tired and dull skin type. Skin which gets dark due to UV rays and too many pollutants in the atmosphere then this becomes essential to revive and nourish the skin. You will notice that facial will make the skin looks brighter and hydrated the various steps in the anti tanning facials will nourish the skin and get rid of the impurities from deep within. The uppermost darker layer is shed and the skin look fairer. But it is also good to protect the skin by applying sunscreen after any facial, so that skin doesn’t get dark again. So, let’s have a look at the best anti tan facial kits in the Indian markets.

5 Best Anti Tan facial kit, sun tan removal facial kits

VLCC Anti-tan Facial Kit

best anti tan tan removal facial kit

VLCC is a good name when it comes to making facial kits. The home facial kits that VLCC makes are not only cheap and affordable and are also good in results. This anti tan facial kit is suitable to get back your lost complexion. This keep the complexion look brighter and glowing. This facial kit is for 250 rupees and also comes in bigger super saver packs as well. This anti tan facial kit contains a scrub that deep cleans and unclogs the clogged pores. This anti tan facial kit also contains Pista massage cream which deeply nourishes the skin and a melawhite pack which further enhances the skin tone. Then this facial kit has a melawhite gel and melawhite powder that work together in the reduction of dark spots and blemishes for an even skin tone. See: Best fruit facial kit in India

Lotus Herbals Professional Instafair Melanin Control & Skin Lightning Facial Kit

This is a Melanin Control and Skin Lightening facial kit that will give a brighter, softer complexion which we dream off but this is a bit pricey and these products are seen in salons not for home facials. This has the ingredients like licorice, almond extracts, mulberry that will help to tone and brighten the skin and also to get rid of the tan on your skin. The sun tan should be treated in time else this will results in the hyper pigmentation. See: Best Patanjali products in India

Jovees Pearl Whitening Kit

best anti tan tan removal facial kit jovees

Jovess Pearl Whitening Kit is great for the home usage as for salons. This has the properties of natural ingredients that lowers the melanin levels and thus this will help to lighten the skin color. This kit consists of 5 facial steps and products like the :

Pearl Whitening Face Cleanser Cum Scrub which is a good tan removal scrub

Pearl Whitening Massage cream with Vitamin A

Pearl Whitening Facial mask  

Pearl Whitening Face Cream

Whitening Serum

Lotus Radiant Pearl Cellular Lightening Facial kit

best anti tan tan removal facial kit lotus

Lotus also makes this pearl cellular lightening kit that will give you a blemish free light glowing complexion. This is also one of the best anti tan facial kits in India since the product is used in salons. This pearl facial kit that consists of exfoliating cleanser, activator, massage creme and mask. This is rich in the ingredients like licorice green tea extracts and pearl dust and the botanical extracts which will make the skin glow and get the tan free skin. It rejuvenates dull skin and lightens the dark spots too. Even Vlcc gold facial kit is good.

Aroma Magic Vitamin C Lightening Facial kit

best anti tan tan removal facial kit

This Aroma Magic home facial kit is also an anti tan facial kit for the men and women. This can be used at home with simple instructions that are there on the pack. The natural products in this kit will hydrate the skin, remove the aging signs, improves complexion and lower the tan darkness.