10 Best Bridal Mehendi Designs Inspirations

10 Best Bridal Mehendi Designs Inspirations

10 best mehendi designs for brides

An Indian bride is incomplete without the application of henna or mehendi. Mehendi is considered as auspicious and it is this mehendi that makes a brides look like a complete bride. Not only that even an entire ceremony is dedicated to this mehendi application which is called as Mehendi Rasm. When it comes to mehendi it is said that a bride has the luxury to adorn her hands and feet with intricate designs. These bridal mehendi designs can extend up to the elbows or even over the elbows. Usually professional mehendi artists are hired but if someone from the bride’s family knows how to apply the mehendi using the henna cones then that also works. So, here we have compiled some very beautiful bridal mehendi designs.

bridal mehendi designs 1

Paisley’s are very popular and looks beautiful when applied as a part of mehendi design. In this intricate design petal like shapes are drawn on the curved edges and some paisley’s of different sizes are drawn to further add a charm on these designs.

bridal mehendi designs 2

This design is also very similar to that of the previous one. This is not extremely intricate and thin which will lead to darker stain when scrapped off.

bridal mehendi designs 3

This is a design with paisley’s and checker broad like shapes which adds an intricate pattern.

bridal mehendi designs 4

This next design has little bit of everything the geometrically shapes with paisleys and the petals like shapes. The curved design on the fingers is beautiful. Not very closely applied but look beautiful.

bridal mehendi designs 5

This is a very intricate bridal mehendi design that is not only intricate but done with extreme neatness and precision. The detailing is high since the design is closely packed and gives a very rich royal look.

bridal mehendi designs 6

This next design is also a stunning design for bridal mehendi. Not very neat but when the mehendi will be taken off this will come across as a nice design.

bridal mehendi designs 7

This design has pailsley and kalash which looks exotic and charming when donned on the bride’s hands.


bridal mehendi designs 8

The very popular and much in demand Raja and Rani Mehendi design for brides is just amazing. Raja and Rani depicts the Groom and the Bride respectively.

bridal mehendi designs 9

This is one of the best bridal mehendi designs that we have seen. The floral motifs amalgamated with paisleys look delighteful and something that even the groom will look for hours.

bridal mehendi designs 10

This is a very different bridal henna design where the detailing is there but the design comprises of mostly the lines and dots with no filling or thick lines.