10 Best Bridal Mang Patti Designs for Brides 2015

10 Best Bridal Mang Patti Designs for Brides 2015

When a bride gets ready the jewellery is very important. An Indian bride is never complete without the beautiful Indian jewellery. Jewellery is crucial for any Indian women. One piece of jewellery that brides would love to wear is Maang tika, mang tika along with the side strips is called as matha patti or mang Patti as it goes from the centre to the sides till the ears. This makes and additional charm to the Indian bride and enhances her beauty.

Bridal Mang Patti designs india

Here are some great designs of matha patti for Indian brides.

Bridal Mang Patti designs india

This maang patti that Zarine khan is wearing is more like a traditional Rajasthani style matha Patti which has small trinkets and the round shaped tika.

Bridal Mang Patti designs india 2

This maang patti here has colors so that if you are keeping your makeup simple then such designs of maang patti will help to make the face look lovely.

Bridal Mang Patti designs india 3

Pearls on both the sides of this bridal maang patti and the central tika has made this jewellery piece stunning looking. This looks elegant and classy, if you are a bride who loves to keep things simple then such design can be alluring. By the way, if you are keeping the jewellery simple then makeup can be slightly dramatic to make the focus shift on the face.

Bridal Mang Patti designs india 4

This bridal maang patti is more appropriate for cocktails, reception etc. This has a delicate design so will look gorgeous when used with curled hair.

Bridal Mang Patti designs india 5

If you are a Indian bride who want everything lavish then this sought of 4 striped maang patti is perfect. This will covers the exposed area of the head and the dupatta can be draped slightly away from the forehead so that this gorgeous hair jewellery can make you look stunning.

Bridal Mang Patti designs india 6

This 4 lines maang patti is just beautiful. Such designs are prominent and mostly seen used by the south Indian Brides but if you like to get a gorgeous bun hairstyle then you can go ahead with this one.

Bridal Mang Patti designs india 7

This is a bridal maang patti that looks so classy and gorgeous, the colors and the kundan used in this makes this look royal. You can just use this with a bun hairstyle and you will be Indeed a blushing Indian Bride.

Bridal Mang Patti designs india 8

These single lines stoned studded maang patti can be used by any brides. Such designs are simple yet shifts the focus on the eyes, so make sure you do a stunning eye makeup with such maang patti design.

Bridal Mang Patti designs india 8

We absolutely loved this pair of maang patti. This makes the bride looks like an angel. The hairstyle suits perfectly and even though her forehead is smaller the maang tika is very low on the forehead which gives the beautiful outcome.

Bridal Mang Patti designs india 10

This is royal design for maang patti for Indian brides. This has kundan and pearl combination which looks super stunning. The maang tika has a pearl droplet at the centre which looks beautiful when the bride will adorn it.

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